Texas – Jump On Board



2017 saw the return of Texas with their glorious new album ‘Jump On Board’.

Now signed to BMG, Texas have made an absolute pop classic boasting the back to the dance floor first single ‘Let’s Work It Out’ and the stone cold smash hit ‘Tell That Girl’.

Townsend Music’s TMStores platform facilitated the sales of CD and Vinyl LP with exclusive signed photographs as well as providing exclusive fan content with the Video Updates feature directly on the front page of the store. This allowed fans to convert to customers directing a clear path from the band’s social media pages, directly to the store homepage.

Check out the Texas store home page here.

Store Video Updates

VIDEO 600X300


The Townsend Team are pleased to share their new Video Album Updates feature with clients.

The new feature allows bands and artists to share personal and special memories of the album creation process with their most devoted fans.

By sharing a short message on their social media platforms, bands invite fans to view the exclusive video update on their official store home pages – thus driving engaged and interested traffic to the forefront of their pre-order campaign.

This process has had a fantastic reception from both artists and their fan bases and has already been embraced by The Charlatans, Deaf Havana and Texas.


Townsend Music Collaborate with Collabro

Britain’s Got Talent Series 8 winners, Collabro, have had a fantastic 2017 so far with their third album with their third album “Home” being the band’s third consecutive Top 10.

Alongside running a strong D2C and ticket and album campaign, Townsend co-ordinated both the band’s physical retail and digital album release strategy. It delivered strong sales through an exclusive supermarket deal with Tesco as well as a comprehensive HMV campaign involving in-store performances and signing sessions. The album also featured heavily in HMV’s Mother’s Day window campaigns in all stores throughout the country.


Stormzy recently sent shockwaves across the charts with his first album, ‘Gang Signs And Prayer’, beating Rag’N’Bone’s man second studio album  “Skin” for the top spot in the UK album charts.

The Townsend Music Team are proud to have worked alongside Stormzy and his team to help contribute to the juggernaut campaign that was #GSAP.

Working on an exclusive UK tour pre-sale and album pre-order mechanic, this campaign made use of an extensive range of Townsend’s tools and services, including the use of our in-house mailing system, restricted access code pages as well as providing fans instant grat tracks once they had pre-ordered the album.

Each element of this campaign added another layer of service and provided the best possible fan journey throughout, strengthening the success of this number one album and sell-out tour.


LTA 600X300
February saw Watford’s Lower Than Atlantis achieve their highest album chart position with ‘Safe In Sound’.

Offering an extensive range of exclusive album formats bundled alongside bespoke merchandise products, the D2C market share for this campaign proved vital in achieving the band’s first ever Top 10 album.


A competition for fans to win a signed guitar used in the recording of the album proved to be particularly popular in driving additional album sales and data capture.

Bruce Mckenzie, Townsend’s Sales Director said of the campaign, “The retail landscape has undergone huge changes of late but D2C now features as a major force in both delivering to fans their required, specialist bespoke album packages and strong additional chart sales for the labels involved’’.

Lower Than Atlantis – Safe In Sound




We were pleased to be working with Watford based Alt. Rock band Lower Than Atlantis for the first time, helping them deliver their fifth album Safe In Sound to their most dedicated fans.

Alongside the usual bundle pre order model, we helped the band successful increase both traffic and sales to the store by utilising TMStores custom built tools.

At the start of the pre-order campaign, fans were given the chance to secure personally signed album bundles, allowing them to submit messages at the cart stage, instructing the band on what they would like to e signed on their albums. Closer to the release date, we offered fans who had pre-ordered this album a chance to win Mike Duce’s guitar, used at live dates earlier that year. This two-fold campaign strategy helped this album reach number 8 in the UK Charts, the band highest position yet.

“We’re headlining the biggest shows we’ve ever played so we’ve written what we think is a record big enough to be played in those venues. We’ve spent a lot more time refining our sound as well as trying some new techniques, Ben has engineered a lot of the record and Eddy has designed the aesthetic so this project is definitely very close to our hearts. We just wanted ‘Safe In Sound’ to be a true representation of where this band is nearly ten years on! This album tackles concepts such as depression, rejection, being in love and monetary worries to name a few so there’s definitely something in there that most people can relate to. We’re certain that this album is the best work from this band and can’t wait for everyone to hear it! The album title is born from the idea of being “safe and sound” but being safe within music.”



Deaf Havana – All These Countless Nights



Townsend Music’s Deaf Havana, ‘All These Countless Nights’ campaign featured:

  • Exclusive Signed CDs
  • Exclusive Signed Deluxe Coloured Vinyl
  • A full range of new merchandise
  • Exclusive artwork prints
  • Very collectable cassette format.

All These Countless Nights was produced, recorded and mixed by Adam Noble at Air Studios in London and residential studio The Vale and features twelve brand new songs including the new single ‘Trigger’.

Frontman James Veck-Gilodi of the new album says: “This album needs to take us to a higher level, I just can’t wait for people to hear the album we appreciate the fact that everyone’s waited this out with us. It’s going to be great.”

Describing New single, ‘Trigger’ James says, “it was one of the few songs where the words just came out of me as I put the pen to paper. It’s about me feeling alone in relationships and alone in life, reflecting on all the mistakes and things I had done wrong, yet too idled by laziness to do anything to change them. In the video, Ceci (the actress) represents me, being so close to so many people, yet feeling so far away and essentially remaining alone.”